400th Anniversary - Hallowing the Divine Name
The Divine Name Jehovah Restored 6973 Times
Can we afford two opinions about the Divine Name of the Almighty God?
1 Kings 18:21  Deuteronomy 25:13-16  John 3:16; John 3:36  Revelation 19:10

Experience the Tetragrammation הוהי in the Bible

The Divine Name הוהי in Hebrew script can be found all throughout some copies of the Greek Septuagint which is an authentic copy of the original Bible. This is significant to us since the Septuagint dates back to times before Jesus Christ was born.Even though the Divine Name in English that has been used for over 700 years is JEHOVAH still some people are very uncomfortable with using that rendering. Here now in the Divine Name King James Bible we are showing them that God's Divine Name is not the LORD and to help people see that God's name has an unquestionable place in the Bible then we have programmed the online and electronic versions of The Divine Name King James Bible so our readers can have that same experience as the Ancient Greek speaking Christians did that read in the Septuagint. You may choose either the Tetragrammaton or any other of these respectful forms of God's great name. This way readers can show that Jehovah in any Bible that they read does not damage God's message to us the way the avoidance tactic of using the LORD has done.

All forms offered below rely on factual information found in the source manuscripts of the Bible and by the expertise of Hebrew language scholars around the world. With all due respect, the real distinction between them is that some people feel that God prefers to hear his name if it sounds Hebrew-ish. It goes without saying that if we are truly wanting to share the good news of the Bible with one another, all Biblical names in every language are different so the speaker may say them and the hearer can understand them. If we are interested in showing our friends and families that we are being distinctive when we are talking about "the only true God" then we have to make God's name manifest in everyway possible as Jesus did. (John 17:3,11,26) However, just as God can read the hearts of those who are dishonest when they twist his words then we fully trust that the Hearer of prayer knows how to interpret any language in which we speak to him, even it is a silent language made up of only hand signs.

The way you prefer to see God's name rendered in the text of the Bible will be stored on your personal computer as a cookie and will thereafter be the name of God that you see in the text. You can reset it at anytime.

You must of course have the option enabled that permits the saving of cookies on your computer for you to customize your Bible to a different form of the Divine Name. If you do not, then the rendering of the Divine Name that was originally established by the Authorized King James Version, that is JEHOVAH, will be the name of God that you will read.

Unlike those who must jump up and down to explain which lord is their lord to those who say that their LORD is the LORD the Divine Name is invaluable in spoken form because in an instant of time, it will immediately identify to whom you are referring. And better than that, if you are afraid of those who are terrorizing you, it will summon loyal love for God along with courage and faith. These are the fundamentals needed to make choices we will not regret. These simple ideas are what give us a sound mind, free of debilitating fear, just as it did for the nation of Israel who put faith in God’s Divine Name. Of course, we must again read the Bible to have all of this associated with God's Divine Name since for over 400 years English speakers have been defrauded of it. We feel no inner conflict or uncertainty when we say that Jesus is the name of the Son of the Most High over all the earth. (Psalm 83:18) Once we have 'done our homework' then we will no longer feel conflicted when asked the question "What is God's Divine Name" to the Father of us all has an unquestionable claim.